Boett is a Swedish brand of high quality pet products. The company was founded in Sweden 20 years ago by a woman concerned about the animals in her own family as well as the ones living in her community.

 The Sweet Itch blanket was developed through many years of testing, modifying, changing and observing. The Icelandic Collection is the newest member of the Boett family, this product line is developed to fit the shape of the Icelandic Horse and the blankets are only available in sizes to fit this very specific type of horse. After collaborating for years with the leading Icelandic Horse men and women in Europe we have finally reached a fantastic result. The Icelandic collection is a must-have for any active Icelandic owner.Boett has now, finally, opened a US branch and all of our products will be available on this side of the puddle as well. We are very excited to finally establish presence in America and are looking forward to meet great people as well as doing good business.

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